In order to ensure that all participants will be safe and well received, the organization limits the number of runners.


The G.R.C. (non-profit association according to law 1901) organizes the Grand Raid des Cathares on October 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2020.

The participants in this event declare that they know and accept these rules and undertake to comply with the ethical charter covering the event.

This race is open to runners of 20 years of age or older, with or without a license. There are two participation options: individually or in teams of 2 people (in duos, not in relays). The event is run in one single stage, at the runners’ own pace and in a limited time.

Runners must respect the highway code when the route crosses traffic lanes.


A wilderness race on the tracks, paths, and trails of the department of Aude (11). Definitive distances and elevations will be presented 1 month before the edition.

The race



Le Grand Raid des Cathares

At the Cavayère Lake

At the Dôme

Raid des Bogomiles

At the Chanoine Léopold Verguet place

At the Dôme

Trail des Hérétiques

At the Chanoine Léopold Verguet place

At the Dôme

Trail des Colombes

At the Chanoine Léopold Verguet place

At the Dôme

Trail nocturne du château Comtal

At the Château Comtal

At the Dôme



Please see "Challenge Cité Hôtels" in the race pages.

                     Article 2-1 Departure

Departures are fixed at specific times. No departure will take place after the scheduled time.                          

                    Article 2-2 Time barriers

For organizational reasons, a time barrier is set at 46 h 00. In addition, 8 intermediate time barriers will be defined.

After this deadline, runners will be disqualified by the organizers. Any disqualified runner must join the nearest finish or checkpoint by following the route. This will be reported to the race control center.


Day/departure time

Time barriers

Grand Raid des Cathares

Thursday October 22nd at 18h

46 h

Raid des Bogomiles

Friday October 23rd at 9h

27 h

Trail des Hérétiques

Saturday October 24th at 5h

12 h

Trail des Colombes

Saturday October 24th at 8h

8 h 30

Trail nocturne du château Comtal

Friday October 23rd at 20h



Article 2-3 Bifurcations and duets

In the case of teams (duos), if the team splits or if one of its members abandons, the team will not qualify.  The remaining runner will have a solo racing time and will not qualify.

The organization reserves the right to set a runner or a team aside if it deems it necessary (extreme fatigue, bad weather, etc.).

About the Trail des Hérétiques: it will be possible to take a shortcut to Villefloure in Molières.

Article 2-4 Switching races

- Switching to a lower mileage race: there will be no refund.

- Switching to a higher mileage race: a payment of the difference between the current and the former price will be required.

- Any modification to the race will incur management and modification costs of € 5.


The bib delivery will take place on:

- Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 from 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

- Friday, October 23rd, 2020 from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

No bibs will be delivered on Saturday.

A proxy system will be available on the runner’s online registration :

Thus, the runner wishing to collect his bib after 10:30 p.m., but no later than Friday at midnight, must notify his decision, so that the bib delivery team can make the necessary arrangements. We suggest that you to send an email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the SUBJECT : Bib delivery> 10:30 p.m.

It will be necessary to present the mandatory equipment and an identity document to collect the bibs.

If the runner authorizes a third person to collect the bib at his place, it will be needed to: download, fill in and upload the authorization to the runner’s file.

The runners’ bib will only be issued after the mandatory equipment has been fully validated by the organization. The bib must be visible for the entire duration of the race.

PLEASE NOTE that the organization will not supply safety pins.

Mandatory equipment checks will be carried out unexpectedly and randomly at any moment.


By registering to the event, the runners agree on the following principles:


Respect yourself and others by not allowing yourself to cheat.

Respect for volunteers and signalers who also participate for fun.

Respect for the local population that hosts the race.

Respect for the organization and its partners.

Respect for the highway code during the urban sections of the route.

Respect the signalers’ instructions on road crossings.


Never throw anything on the ground - Respect the flora and fauna.

No bushwhacking or short cutting (this causes erosion and damages the site).

Encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation to travel to the place of the event.


Give priority to help anyone in danger or in difficulty.

For duos (team race competitors), mutual help is strongly recommended.


Let yourself be examined by a doctor and respect his decision.

Get to know yourself and develop your autonomy in order to give the best of yourself while respecting your physical and moral integrity.


Commit to show respect to the organization and the volunteers.

Any public insult will result in the "ban" of the social network in which this content has been published. The runner will also be banned for registering to the event.



                       Article 5-1 Self-sufficiency

The race is based on the principle of semi-self-sufficiency and imposes a certain autonomy on runners. Anyone without a bib is not allowed to accompany a runner.

                        Article 5-2 Supplies and rest points

Refreshment points (liquid and / or solid) are distributed throughout the course.

These refreshment points will be indicated on the roadbook provided by the organization.

Rest points will include:

- Hot, cold, salty, sweet, liquid and solid food.

- Rest areas with camp beds.

- Basic medical services: doctors and / or nurses, podiatrists, physiotherapists or  


  • - It will be possible to take a shower when arriving to Carcassonne.
  • - On certain refreshment points (indicated on the roadbook), personal assistance (of one person) can be provided. This assistance must be provided within a perimeter of less than 50 meters around the refreshment station.

Race bag: Each runner may deposit a bag (provided by the organization) including personal spare items. This bag will be transported by the organization to the main rest point in Arques (further information in the Roadbook).

The G.R.C. disclaiming all responsibility in the event of a bag loss, we advise you not to leave valuable objects in your race bag.

                     Article 5-3 Products and supply chains

The association of the Grand Raid des Cathares implements, with the support of the department of Aude, the label "Pays cathare", a qualitative approach on food products.

As far as possible, products provided at refreshment points and rest areas will preferably (not systematically) come from the local organic agricultural sector. All meals and menus provided at refreshment and rest points have been elaborated with a nutritionist specialized in ultra-deep sports. Each menu/meal has been adapted for every refreshment/ rest point considering millage characteristics. All details concerning supplies will be posted in our website. Please note that this will also include nutritional advices adapted to the characteristics of our sports.

We are concerned about the carbon impact generated by the event and its effect on the environment. Therefore, our aim is to favorize the supply through the short chain.

These provisions will have a strong impact on the economic and environmental benefits of our territory, a land of legend and preserved nature.

                     Article 5-4 Abandonment and repatriation

Unless he/she is injured, a runner can only give up at a checkpoint. The runner must then notify his abandon to the post manager, who permanently invalidates his bib.

The repatriation will be decided with the station manager and the race PC (PC course). The organization undertakes to repatriate only the riders who give up on stipulated points (indicated in the Roadbook) and at specific times (when the drop-off shuttle passes).

The safety of drivers and runners in the drop-off-shuttle is our priority.

We remind you that the runner will feel comfortable at the rest point. Please note that the drop-off shuttle is not an outdoor taxi service.

                      Article 5-5 Doping control

Any competitor may be subjected to a doping control during and / or at the end of the event.

In case of refusal or abstention, the runner will be sanctioned as if there would be evidence of doping.

                     Article 5-6 Modifications and cancellations

The organization reserves the right to change the route and the localization of the refreshment/rest points as well as the aid points. All these modifications can be realized at any time and without forewarning.

In case of very unfavorable weather conditions (heavy rain, high risk of thunderstorms, etc.), the departure may be postponed, or the race may be canceled for safety reasons.

The organization reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.

                     Article 5-7 Insurance

Public liability:

The organizer takes out a civil liability insurance, according to the law, for the duration of the event. This insurance protects against the pecuniary consequences of any liability: the organizer’s, of its employees and participants.

Individual accident:

Each competitor must have a personal accident insurance which covers search and evacuation costs.

This insurance can be taken out with the organization chosen by the runner.

The organization will not be responsible of any accident, incident, damage, loss or theft.  

                     Article 5-8 Image rights

Any competitor expressly waives the right to use the image during the event, just as he waives any recourse against the organizer for the use made of his image.

                     Article 5-9 Awards

When picking up the bib, all runners will receive a batch.

                     Article 5-10 Disqualification (or PENALTY if necessary)

Disqualification (or penalty if necessary) if the runner does not respect the following rules:

- Absence of mandatory safety equipment (* mandatory equipment): penalty + 30 min

- Wild assistance: penalty + 30 min

- Removing (theft) or moving beacons during the race

- Not allowing the organization to check your race bag.

  • Absence of the race bag.

- No bib.

- Check-in beyond the closing time of a checkpoint

- Using a mean of transport.

- Failure to assist a competitor in danger

- Pollution or degradation of the place.

- Insults or threats towards members of the organization

- Refusal to be examined by a doctor at any time during the race.

- Unsuitable physical or mental state of the competitor to continue the race.

- Doping or refusal to submit to doping control.


Registration opens on February 2nd, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

There is a limited number of registrations. Once the quota is reached, registrations for this race will be closed. Any registration on the waiting list will be managed.

To validate his registration, a runner must provide, before October 10, 2020, the original, or certified copy, of a certified medical certificate (OR of the Grand Raid medical certificate, OR FFA license) of no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition.

This certificate must be less than 1 year old at the day of the race.

The medical certificate will only be sent using the INKTAPE registration website during the registration procedure.

For confidentially reasons and personal data protection, neither a volunteer nor a manager of the INKTAPE platform will be able to download any mandatory document for the race

 (the medical certificate, the license and the document authorizing another person to pick up your bib).  The runner is the only person authorized to do so.

For management reasons, any medical certificate sent by post will not be considered.

Certificates sent by registered mail that include a registration receipt will not be collected.

The unique solution chosen by the organization remains to upload your documents to the race’s registration website: INKTAPE.

Any incomplete registration will not be validated.

Authorizations must be loaded into the runner's file at the latest 8 days before the beginning of bibs distribution.




If you choose to use running poles, this will be for the entire duration of the race.

The organization reserves the right to check the mandatory equipment, before or during the race. The organization has the right to refuse any item which could be dangerous for participants.

 G R C 

 R B 

 T H 


 T N C C 

Grand Raid



Raid des Bogomiles

Trail des Hérétiques

Trail des colombes

Trail Nocturne du

Château Comtal

▪ 2 headlamps with spare batteries.

▪ A survival blanket

▪ A whistle

▪ A minimum of 1.5 liters of water

▪ Food reserves

▪ A second warm layer with long sleeves.

▪ A waterproof and breathable rain suit with a hood (Goretex or similar)

▪ A charged cell phone that works.

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A pair of gloves

▪ A photo ID.

▪ A flashing red light (attached at the back part of the bag)

▪ 2 headlamps with spare batteries.

▪ A survival blanket

▪ A whistle

▪ A minimum of 1.5 liters of water

▪ Food reserves

▪ A second warm layer with long sleeves.

▪ A waterproof and breathable rain suit with a hood (Goretex or similar)

▪ A charged cell phone that works.

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A pair of gloves

▪ A photo ID.

▪ A flashing red light (attached at the back part of the bag)

▪ One headlamp.

▪ A survival blanket

▪   A whistle

▪   A minimum of 1 liter of water

▪ Food reserves

▪ A charged cell phone that works.

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A photo ID.

Strongly recommended:

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ A survival blanket

▪   A whistle

▪   A minimum of 1 liter of water

▪ Food reserves

▪ A charged cell phone that works.

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A photo ID.

Strongly recommended:

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ One headlamp.

Strongly recommended:

▪  A survival blanket

▪   A whistle

▪ A charged cell phone that works

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A photo ID.


Challenge cité Hotels

Phase 1: TNCC 12km

Phase 2 : TC 41km

▪ One headlamp.

▪  A survival blanket

▪   A whistle

▪   A minimum of 1 liter of water

▪ A charged cell phone that works

• A cap or equivalent (neck strap ...)

▪ A personal cup

▪ Band-Aid

▪ A photo ID.



Participation in the race implies unreserved acceptance of these rules.

The objective of the event is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the territory of Aude. Beyond the planned activities, we have designed an eco-responsible event.

We therefore want the athletes to become aware of their impact on the environment and limit it as much as possible throughout their journey. There are multiple bins in all the refreshment/ rest points.

It is imperative to follow the paths the way they are indicated, without taking shortcuts.

It is important that registered runners are aware of the difficulties of the race and the conditions they can find (length of the course, elevation, bad weather conditions, running in duos, running during the night...).

Therefore, the runner will need to have a good physical preparation and an important autonomy. This will help him to success in this individual adventure.


The podium will start on Saturday October 24th, 2020 from 2 p.m.

The TNCC podium will take place on Friday October 23rd, 2020 at 10:30 p.m.

              Article 9-1: AWARDS

- The first 8 runners in the overall classification.

- The first 5 women in the overall classification.

- The first 2 duos.

- The firsts man and woman V2

- The firsts man and woman V3

Absent runners will not receive their trophy or prize.

            Article 9-2: Specially and only for the Challenge Cité Hôtels

The classification of this challenge is calculated on the sum of the runners two timings: the one achieved at the Trail des Colombes and the one achieved at the Trail Nocturne du Château Comtal.







€ 500

€ 500


1 night+ breakfast+ 1 supper           HOTEL LE DONJON****

1 night+ breakfast+ 1 supper           HOTEL LE DONJON****


1 night + breakfast

Mercure Cité****

1 night + breakfast

Mercure Cité****


Prizes and awards for the Cité Hotels Challenge are offered by our partner Groupe Cité Hôtels in Carcassonne.

ARTICLE 10 : Race prices & options

Prices are defined according to the different races and increase progressively according to a certain number of bibs.

See the registration fees for each race on the "2020 registration details" page.

Cancellation insurance: See “Registration conditions”.

People registered on a certain date may not modify their registration to switch to a different race. The registration will be firm and unchangeable.

In the event of the cancellation of one of the team members (15 days before), the remaining runner may re-register individually.

A bib cannot be sold or exchanged.


- In case of cancellation of the race 45 days before the date of the event: 50% of the registration amount will be refunded to participants who request it by email.

- In case of cancellation of the race for the following non-exhaustive causes: force majeure, attack, natural disaster, prohibition from the prefecture, exceptional bad weather in the 15 days preceding the race or on the day(s) of the event: there will be no reimbursement.

The Grand Raid des Cathares has taken out an organizer insurance according to the legal provisions stipulated in the Sports Code according to Annex III-21-1. This annex establishes the scope of the insurance between the insurer and the organizing association. Within this legal framework, the association will not receive any reimbursement.


To claim  the reimbursement of your registration, you must opt for a cancellation insurance of 18 € (GRC), 12 € (RB), 8 € (TH), 7 € (CCH), 6 € (TC), taken out at the time of the registration.

The cancellation request, which needs to be sent by email to the association, will be only considered for the following reasons:

              - An accident, a serious illness, or the death of the runner himself,

              - A serious illness requiring hospitalization or death affecting your husband/wife or partner, ascendants, or descendants at the first degree.

In the event of an accident or a serious illness resulting in the hospitalization of the runner  or in a sick leave of more than 5 days, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate attesting to the contraindication to participate in the race.

Reimbursement will be made under the following conditions:

           - Before July 1: 90% of the bib price (excluding management fees) will be reimbursed without justification

           - Before October 1: 50% of the bib price (excluding management fees) will be reimbursed according to the cases listed

           - After October 1: no refund will be possible

For any other reason, without a cancellation insurance, no refund, exchange, or resale will be possible.

Conditions of compensation: all requests for reimbursement must be sent by registered mail, accompanied by the original medical certificate and / or the necessary supporting documents, by 30 November 2020 at the latest.

Any competitor acknowledges having read these rules and accepts the clauses without restriction.

ASSOCIATION Grand Raid des Cathares

Maison des sports

8 rue Camille Saint-Saëns

11000 Carcassonne

For any questions, please contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No request will be processed by Messenger or Facebook.