Aplaziamento de la GRC 2020

Comunicado 24 de julio de 2020


Press release :

While in recent days alerts about the return of COVID in our daily lives have appeared, we (the organization and all our volunteers) cannot remain indifferent to them. The speech of the President of the French Republic, and of the Prime Minister for the wearing of the compulsory mask, yesterday Professor Delfraissy, president of the COVID scientific commission, all alert us to a negative development following deconfinement and indicate a very likely return of disease progression in October. The compulsory wearing of the mask in places open to the public translates for us into the obligation for volunteers and runners to wear the mask in our refreshments (party rooms), and other constraints that you already know on the distancing etc… And more than 50% of our volunteer friend (s) (more than 400) are seniors, over 65 years old. Faced with this growing threat, it seems absolutely essential to take into account the evolution of the Covid 19 situation in recent days very seriously.

We are very sad and it is with a lump in my stomach that I am writing these lines. However, a last minute cancellation would be experienced by all of our teams and by you riders, preparing for their ultimate ultra of the year, as irresponsible and meaningless in view of the situation today.

Faced with the magnitude of these uncertainties and the situation towards a negative trend, we therefore decided after long hours of reflection, in consultation with our team leaders and the association's board of directors, to postpone the GRC 2020 for October 2021.

On Thursday August 20, 2020, you will receive an email asking you to make your choice:

1 - postponement of your bib to 2021 (free of charge)

2 - Reimbursement up to 80% according to the race regulations with its COVID addendum.

3 - the donation of your registration, the amount of which will be donated to the Carcassonne hospital with which we entered into a partnership in June 2020.

You will have until September 20 to make your choice, then 10 days will be devoted to the last latecomers. From the first days of October, refunds to your credit card payment methods with which you made your payment will be directly credited.

If you have changed your credit card or account, please let us know by email from August 17th.

We thank you for asking your questions, which we will answer from August 17, 2020, to the organization's email address listed in the regulations.